Monday, 9 September 2019 – ADBIS Conference
8:00-12:00 Registration
Hotel Park Lobby, Ground Floor
9:00-10:30 Opening and keynote
Keynote: Goce Trajcevski:
Location-in-time data: compression vs. augmentation

Chair: Tatjana Welzer, Mirjana Ivanović
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Session: Big Data
Chair: Vladimir Zadorozhny
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

Session: Document and Text Databases
Chair: Jerome Darmont
Room: Prešeren, Ground Floor
nativeNDP: Processing Big Data Analytics on Native Storage Nodes
Tobias Vincon, Sergey Hardock, Christian Riegger, Andreas Koch and Ilia Petrov
Using process mining in real-time to reduce the number of faulty products
Zsuzsanna Nagy, Agnes Werner-Stark and Tibor Dulai
Calculating Fourier transforms in SQL
Dennis Marten, Holger Meyer and Andreas Heuer
Pseudo-Relevance Feedback Based on Locally-Built Co-occurrence Graphs
Billel Aklouche, Ibrahim Bounhas and Yahya Slimani
Workload-awareness in a NoSQL-based Triplestore
Luiz Henrique Zambom Santana and Ronaldo Mello
Document data modeling: A Conceptual Perspective *
David Chaves and Elzbieta Malinowski
Towards automated visualisation of scientific literature *
Evelina Di Corso, Stefano Proto, Tania Cerquitelli and Silvia Chiusano
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Session: Machine Learning and Data Mining
Chair: Robert Wrembel
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

Session: Novel applications
Chair: Aida Kamišalić Latifić
Room: Prešeren, Ground Floor

ILIME: Local and Global Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explainer of Black-Box Decision
Radwa ElShawi, Youssef Sherif, Mouaz Al-Mallah, and Sherif Sakr
Finding Synonymous Attributes in Evolving Wikipedia Infoboxes
Paolo Sottovia, Matteo Paganelli, Francesco Guerra and Yannis Velegrakis
Heterogeneous Committee-Based Active Learning for Entity Resolution (HeALER)
Xiao Chen, Yinlong Xu, David Broneske, Gabriel Campero Durand, Roman Zoun and Gunter Saake
Web-Navigation Skill Assessment through Eye-Tracking Data
Patrik Hlaváč, Jakub Simko and Maria Bielikova
Automated Vertical Partitioning with Deep Reinforcement Learning *
Gabriel Campero Durand, Rufat Piriyev, Marcus Pinnecke, David Broneske, Balasubramanian Gurumurthy and Gunter Saake
The agents’ selection methods for a consensus-based investment strategy in a multi-agent financial decisions support system *
Marcin Pietranik, Adrianna Kozierkiewicz and Marcin Hernes
Distributed Computation of Top-k Degrees in Hidden Bipartite Graphs *
Panagiotis Kostoglou, Apostolos N. Papadopoulos and Yannis Manolopoulos
Ratings vs. Reviews in Recommender Systems: A Case study on the Amazon Movies Dataset *
Maria Stratigi, Xiaozhou Li, Kostas Stefanidis and Zheying Zhang
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-16:45 Session: Data Models
Chair: Johann Eder
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

Session: Optimization
Chair: Ester Zumpano
Room: Prešeren, Ground Floor

Keys in Relational Databases with Nulls and Bounded Domains
Munqath Alattar and Attila Sali
You have the Choice: The Borda Voting Rule for Clustering Recommendations
Johannes Kastner and Markus Endres
Metadata management for data lakes *
Franck Ravat and Yan Zhao
BM-index: Balanced Metric Space Index based on Weighted Voronoi Partitioning
Matej Antol and Vlastislav Dohnal
Correlation between students’ background and the knowledge on Conceptual Database Modelling *
Lili Nemec Zlatolas, Aida Kamišalić and Muhamed Turkanović
Automatically Configuring Parallelism for Hybrid Layouts *
Rana Faisal Munir, Alberto Abelló, Oscar Romero, Maik Thiele and Wolfgang Lehner
Smart Caching for Efficient Functional Dependency Discovery *
Anastasia Birillo and Nikita Bobrov
19:00-21:00 Welcome reception
The Park Café
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 – ADBIS Conference
8:00-10:00 Registration
Hotel Park Lobby, Ground Floor
9:00-10:00 Keynote: Abdelkader Hameurlain:
Evolution of Data Management Systems: State of the Art and Open Issues

Chair: Aida Kamišalić Latifić
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

10:00-11:00 Session: Data Warehouses
Chair: Marko Hölbl
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

Session: Process Mining and Stream Processing
Chair: Marek Wojciechowski
Room: Prešeren, Ground Floor
A framework for learning cell interestingness from cube explorations
Patrick Marcel, Verónika Peralta and Panos Vassiliadis
Accurate and Transparent Path Prediction Using Process Mining
Gaël Bernard and Periklis Andritsos
Data Reduction in Multifunction OLAP
Ali Hassan and Patrice Darmon
Contextual and Behavioral Customer Journey Discovery using a Genetic Approach
Gaël Bernard and Periklis Andritsos
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-12:30 Session: Data Warehouses
Chair: Marko Hölbl
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

Session: Stream Processing
Chair: Yannis Manolopoulos
Room: Prešeren, Ground Floor

Towards a Cost Model to Optimize User-Defined Functions in an ETL Workflow Based on User-Defined Performance Metrics
Syed Muhammad Fawad Ali and Robert Wrembel
Adaptive Partitioning and Order-Preserved Merging of Data Streams
Constantin Pohl and Kai-Uwe Sattler
Modelling and Querying Star and Snowflake Warehouses using Graph Databases *
Alejandro Vaisman, Florencia Besteiro and Maximiliano Valverde
BrainFlux: An Integrated Data Warehousing Infrastructure for Dynamic Health Data *
Jonathan Elmer, Quan Zhou, Yichi Zhang, Fan Yang and Vladimir Zadorozhny
Towards integrating collaborative filtering in visual data exploration systems *
Houssem Ben Lahmar and Melanie Herschel
Solution Pattern for Anomaly Detection in Financial Data Streams *
Maciej Zakrzewicz, Marek Wojciechowski and Pawel Glawinski
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Session: Ontologies and Knowledge Management
Chair: Oscar Romero
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

Session: Theoretical Foundation and New Requirements
Chair: Sherif Sakr
Room: Prešeren, Ground Floor

Updating ontology alignment on the concept level based on ontology evolution
Marcin Hernes, Adrianna Kozierkiewicz and Marcin Pietranik
ProSA – Using the CHASE for Provenance Management
Tanja Auge and Andreas Heuer
On the Application of Ontological Patterns for Conceptual Modeling in Multidimensional Models
Glenda Amaral and Giancarlo Guizzardi
Transaction Isolation in Mixed-Level and Mixed-Scope Settings
Stephen Hegner
Exploring Pattern Mining for Solving the Ontology Matching Problem *
Hiba Belhadi, Karima Akli-Astouati, Youcef Djenouri and Jerry Chun-Wei Lin
ECHOES: A Fail-safe, Conflict Handling, and Scalable Data Management Mechanism for the Internet of Things
Christoph Stach and Bernhard Mitschang
Systematic Creation of Cumulative Design Science Research Knowledge with Case Study in the Field of Automatic Speech Recognition *
Udo Bub
16:00-19:00 Bled castle visit

20:00-00:00 Conference dinner
Restaurant Panorama
Wednesday, 11 September 2019 – ADBIS Conference
8:00-10:00 Registration
Hotel Park Lobby, Ground Floor
9:00-10:00 Keynote: Nada Lavrač:
Relational and Semantic Data Mining

Chair: Vili Podgorelec
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-12:00 Session: Data Mining
Chair: Vili Podgorelec
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

Unsupervised Artificial Neural Networks for Outlier Detection in High-Dimensional Data
Daniel Popovic, Edouard Fouché and Klemens Böhm
Improving Data Reduction by Merging Prototypes
Pavlos Ponos, Stefanos Ougiaroglou and Georgios Evangelidis
Applying Differential Evolution with Threshold Mechanism for Feature Selection on a Phishing Websites Classification *
Lucija Brezočnik, Iztok Fister Jr. and Grega Vrbančič
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Session: Data Quality
Chair: Tatjana Welzer
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

CrowdED and CREX : Towards Easy Crowdsourcing Quality Control Evaluation
Tarek Awwad, Nadia Bennani, Veronika Rehn-Sonigo, Lionel Brunie and Harald Kosch
Query-oriented answer imputation for aggregate queries
Fatma-Zohra Hannou, Bernd Amann and Mohamed-Amine Baazizi
SLFTD: A Subjective Logic based Framework for Truth Discovery *
Danchen Zhang, Vladimir Zadorozhny and Vladimir Oleshchuk
A cellular network database for fingerprint positioning systems *
Donatella Gubiani, Paolo Gallo, Andrea Viel, Andrea Dalla Torre and Angelo Montanari
14:30-15:00 Closing of the conference
Chair: Tatjana Welzer
Room: Cankar, Ground Floor

* Short papers are marked with (*) and the presenters will have 15 minutes time in the time slot available. The long papers will have 30 minutes time. This time slot include the minutes for discussion.