We have started the day with a keynote speech by Abdelkader Hameurlain with the title Evolution of Data Management Systems: State of the Art and Open Issues, afterwards 3 parallel sessions took place. The afternoon and evening were filled with social activities. First, we visited the Bled castle and afterwards we had a rich conference dinner with awards given and Slovenian folk dance presented.

Best paper award was presented to Gaël Bernard and Periklis Andritsos for the paper Accurate and Transparent Path Prediction Using Process Mining.

We also presented some more awards:

  • Award for the first submitted and accepted paper was presented to Tanja Auge and Andreas Heuer; for the paper ProSA – Using the CHASE for Provenance Management
  • Award for the shortest adbis 2019 paper title was presented to Adam Brzeski, Kamil Grinholc, Kamil Nowodworski and Adam Przybylek for the paper Residual MobileNets
  • Award for the longest conference paper title was presented to Udo Bub for the paper Systematic Creation of Cumulative Design Science Research Knowledge
    with Case Study in the Field of Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Award for the most authors per paper was presented to Jorge Martinez-Gil, Mario Pichler, Tina Beranič, Lucija Brezočnik, Muhamed Turkanovic, Gianluca Lentini, Francesca Polettini, Alessandro Lue, Alberto Colorni Vitale, Guillaume Doukhan, Claire Belet for the paper Framework for Assessing the Smartness Maturity Level of Villages
  • Award for the most references in the paper was presented to Daniel Popovic, Edouard Fouché and Klemens Böhm for the paper Unsupervised Artificial Neural Networks for Outlier Detection in High-Dimensional Data
  • Award for the longest acknowledgement was presented to Syed Muhammad Fawad Ali and Robert Wrembel for the paper Towards a Cost Model to Optimize User-Defined Functions in an ETL Workflow Based on User-Defined Performance Metrics